Why would you choose Active Turf???

When it comes to purchasing products for your home there is always lots of choice.It’s the same when it comes to turf companies….

Most of the time the first question I get asked is “What is the Price”???

We know most people are on a tight budget and usually turf is the last addition to your home where money is always running dry.  Turf  is one of the cheapest additions to your home and the improvement is unbelievable.

You really have to consider a few other things as well as the  price….

Here at Active Turf we offer the whole package:

  • We offer excellent & superior quality.As we are a smaller company we are much more hands on and go over stock regularly to make sure it is to the highest standards.
  • We guarantee on time and friendly deliveries.Our drivers take time to explain the best way to establish your lawn and give ongoing maintenance advice.
  1. That your lawn will be mature and healthy on delivery and it will grow and establish.
  2. Turf has been inspected upon harvesting and is warranted to be free of weeds and disease before being freshly delivered.
  3. That from 10 years of purchase your turf will perform in its new environment.


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