DNA Certified Sir Walter now in stock!


Active Turf now have DNA Certified Sir Walter Buffalo Turf in stock and have started harvesting.Check out the photos below to see what a paddock looks like once it has been harvested.

photo 4

DNA Certified Sir Walter Soft Leaf Buffalo is a go anywhere and grow anywhere turf that has outperformed other buffalo’s for the last 15 years. This is why it is Australia‚Äôs Number one Buffalo.

It was bred in Australia for Australian conditions. It can be grown in full sun, shade, extreme heat, frost or drought.

It requires less mowing than other turf varieties and it will keep its colour more than other buffalo’s through the winter.

Gone are the days of walking through a patch of bindii as DNA Certified Sir Walter has a tight growth habit to hold out most weeds. It also repairs itself quickly so this lessens the chance of bare patches through your lawn.

DNA Certified Sir Walters roots grow deep into the subsoil to where the moisture is and it can cool down the area around your home by up to 10 degrees in the summer

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