Show Your Lawn Some Love!… By Loving Your Lawn Mower!

We love how our lawn looks after a mow, but most of us rarely do much to keep our lawn mower in good condition.

Sometimes after a few months of neglect, we hope that when we pull on the cord it will kick over and it hasn’t succumbed to the neglect, myself included!

So, here’s a friendly reminder now that the grass has slowed down to give your mower some love, in order to love your lawn!

Check the oil (four stroke)

Checking your oil is a very important step to ensure you’re looking after the motor, a pretty fundamental part of the lawn mower. If it hasn’t been changed in over a year or your mower has been used for more than 30-40hours, it’s best to drain it and fill with new oil, if the oil has been changed recently make sure it is topped up to the optimum level.

Check the air filter

These things can get very grubby and full of all sorts of dirt and debris if not changed or cleaned every so often. A dirty filter will cause your lawn mower to run sluggishly and inconsistently, which isn’t ideal for ensuring a nice even cut.

Clean the mowing deck

It’s not the most important part of lawn mower maintenance, but it is still very important. Making sure your blades are unobstructed, with a clean deck that won’t lead to a build up of potential weed contamination and reduce the life of your mower through the body deteriorating unnecessarily.

Check the blades

This one is more of an obvious one, you want to cut your grass not tear it! A nice sharp set of blades will be the most beneficial way to love your lawn by looking after your lawn mower. If you are handy on the tools and know what you are doing, then you can sharpen the blades if there is enough meat left on them. Otherwise putting on a new set every now and again can be a lot simpler and provide a better result.

Better yet, drop it off at your local lawn mower shop and have them give it a once over. That way when the growing season begins again, all you should need to do is make sure you have fresh fuel in the tank and away you go.

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