Season for Army worm infestation.

his is picture that I have taken this morning of how army worm can destroy a lawn wrom eaten lawn

If you put your fingers down into the root system it will not take you long to find the army worm that has done the damage.This what the army worm looks like:

army worm

Army worms or sod web worms  can cause a lot of damage to your turf in a relatively short amount of time, in fact, lawn grubs can feed on 30cms of lawn each and every night.You will need to be particularly vigilant as the weather warms up, usually between the months from  September to April, and after heavy rain. All lawn varieties are  prone to attack .Once you have determined that you are indeed under attack you must defend your lawn without delay.

Due to the rate at which lawn grubs feed (and move across your lawn), the amount of eggs they lay and the sheer numbers involved in an infestation delaying treatment can be disastrous.

Lawn Lovers Grub Guard or DNA Certified Sir Walter Pest Control to get the job sorted quickly and easily. Always follow the manufacturer’s handling and safety instructions and use a product that is designed especially for the type of lawn you have. Each different insecticide product type requires a different method of application so it is essential that you read all instructions to receive the outcome you need; no more lawn grubs.

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