Recent Photos of recently laid turf.

When it comes to choosing turf the most important question is “Will the area have full sun or not?”.If the answer is no ,then you should only be considering DNA Certified Sir Walter Premium Buffalo.It is the best shade tolerant lawn suited to the harsh Australian climate.There are many other cheaper shade tolerant buffalo turf varieties but only DNA Certified Sir Walter Premium Buffalo comes with a 10 year warranty.

Here are some pictures of some newly laid DNA Certified Sir Walter buffalo lawns.See what a difference turf can make to the appearance of your home…..

joe picture 1

joe picture 2


anne 1

Below is a lawn that has been down for 3 months….

joe picture 3Some of the above photo’s courtesy of JPT property services. If you need preparation and you live in the northern suburbs give Joe a call on 0414386990




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