Pets and Lawn

Man’s Best Friend…. What better way to bond with your four legged companion than to run around outside on your lawn.But to do this you really need a hard wearing, shade tolerant grass that can handle some wear and tear especially if you have a larger dog.Cats also love to be chased around on or maybe sun bake onĀ  lovely cool lawn as well.

There may be a few lawn maintenance issues that dogs and cats may bring. Things like wear and tear, digging, urine burn and faeces are some common problems. Sensitive lawns just cannot handle the stress especially if you have larger pets. When choosing your lawn and you have pets you should choose a low allergenic, pet friendly variety. Also if you are having problems with burnt patches in your lawn caused from dog urine you should invest in “dog rocks”. You just add them to the dogs drinking water and the burnt patches should disappear.Don’t worry they are all natural and won’t harm your furrydog_lawn friends.

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