Laying turf preparation

House Without LawnPreparing your site for turf laying can be easy as 1,2,3!

  1. Spray the Weeds
  2. Prepare the Soil
  3. Measure Your Lawn

Just follow the easy steps below to make sure your site is prepared for your new lawn.

Step 1

If the site you are laying new turf onto has existing turf or weeds you will need to spray it using a weed killer. Once you have sprayed the site, leave for 2 weeks for weeds to turn yellow in colour.

Backpack SprayingYou can either use a backpack sprayer available at farm supplies stores or you may prefer to use a hand sprayer available from hardware stores.

A glyphersate-based weed killer is recommended – Roundup is a typical brand, diluted 1:100 with water.

Step 2

Now it’s time to assess the soil. If your yard has a clay base you will need to add topsoil mixture. If the soil is too sandy you will need to add some turf underlay. If your soil seems to be right and just a bit too hard and compact you can hire a rotary hoe and use this to loosen up the soil. Another option is to purchase some turf underlay to spread out as a base. You will need to spread any topsoil as evenly as you can with a rake for best results. Remember preparation is most important before you lay your new lawn.

Ring the landscape supplier nearest to you for your turf underlay. Both of these suppliers deliver to the Sydney Metro Areas. Active Turf recommends these Landscape Suppliers:

  • BobcatBlacktown Landscapes
    849 Richmond Rd
    Marsden Park NSW
    Ph: 02 9627 5445
  • Skippens Landscapes
    3 Perry St
    Matraville NSW
    Ph: 02 9316 4044

For larger sites or uneven terrain, it may be easier and less time consuming to hire a bobcat to prepare the soil. Ask us about our bobcat service.We can smooth any undulations in the soil, remove unwanted shrubs and small trees, spread the topsoil and even form a garden bed or two.

Man Reading on GrassBoy Reading on Grass

Preparation Diagram 1Step 3

Now its time to work out how much turf you will need. To do this you will need to measure the length and width in metres and multiply them to give you how many square metres you will need. If you have an unusual shaped area you will need to work out each little section at a time and then tally them up at the end.

Here is an example of how to measure your lawn:

6m x 3m = 18m²
4m x 3m = 12m²
8m x 5m = 40m²
TOTAL = 70m²

NB: If a section of your proposed lawn is triangular shaped, calculating the area of the triangle can seem tricky.

Preparation Diagram 2It’s actually simple – double your triangle to get a rectangle. Calculate the area of the rectangle, then halve the area of the rectangle to get the desired triangle area.

Area of Square
6m x 3m = 18m²

Area of Triangle
18m² ÷ 2 = 9m²