Laying New Turf

Sir Launcher

Step 1

Start by laying new turf section at a time. Starting with the longest side, lay your borders first. Always be sure to lay your lawn against the slope.

Step 2

Lay your lawn in a brickwork pattern as the diagram on the right shows, so that all your joins do not end up finishing together.

Step 3

To cut your turf use a sharp cutting shovel or garden scissors.

Turf Laying Animation

Mowing LawnMake sure you get your sprinkler onto the lawn as soon as you finish laying that section. You will know that it has been watered enough when you lift up the roll and see that the water has seeped through to the soil. Make sure you water the turf regularly for the first 2 weeks, but don’t over water it.

You can mow your lawn when you cannot lift it up from the ground anymore. Time will vary depending on the season. Be sure not to cut it too low on the first mow as this will result in scalping your new lawn.

Fertilising LawnStep 4

You should fertilise your lawn 3 times a year with some lawn food (we recommend Shirley’s). The best seasons to fertilize are Spring, Summer and Autumn. Be sure to water the fertilizer in well. Don’t fertilise in Winter because it is too cold for any fertiliser to work.