Lawn Pest Control

Its  a good time now to think about applying some sort of lawn pest control if you are noticing grubs in your lawn. This product controls lawn grubs ,beetles, ants,earwigs,millipedes & mole crickets . This product is ready to use and a 2kg buckets will cover 500m2. It is very easy to use. All the directions are on the bucket and make sure you water in well. It is always best to apply in the early morning or late afternoon. You can purchase DNA Certified Sir Walter buffalo lawn pest control direct from your local Masters store or go online to





The cycle of lawn beetles

Adult Beetles feed on grass roots from September to November.Eggs are laid between October and November ,and then adult beetles die.Within  2 weeks eggs hatch and then become tiny grubs which love to feed on grass roots from November to January.

The grubs then bury themselves deeply into the soil and then change into beetles in February( which is only 2 weeks away…..)

The newly hatched beetles feed on your grass roots until April and May and then they bury themselves deeply into the soil and stay dormant through the cold winter. Then the cycle starts all over again in September.


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