Lawn Care


We recommend you rake our Active Turf Pre Lawn Starter which is now available in 5 kg bags, into the soil before laying your turf.The 5kg bags can be spread across 250m2.Most likely you will have left over fertiliser, which you can use afterwards once your lawn has been established.

To keep your lawn looking best all year round you should fertilise your lawn 3 times a year through the warmer months.



When your lawn is established and you want to get rid of bindii, capeweed, clover, creeping buttercup and the majority of broad leaf weed we suggest that you spray your lawn with Yates Buffalo Pro or Searleā€™s Buffalo Master. Make sure you do not spray your lawn when temperatures exceed 25 degrees. You can spray in the winter when the turf is not actively growing. Be sure to always follow the directions on the container.
When spraying be sure not to overlap the spray as you will tend to burn the grass.

Yates Buffalo Pro


For the first few mows give your new lawn a light trim. You can mow your lawn when you cannot pull it off the ground anymore. You can take the setting down gradually each time you mow and try and eventually get it quite low to the ground. A spongy lawn is not a healthy lawn as this leads to thatch and disease problems. Always make sure your blades are nice and sharp.

Lawn Mowing


When it comes to watering a new lawn the first week is the most crucial. We recommend you water your lawn morning and afternoon for the first 7 days in the Spring, Summer and Autumn months. If your grass is still nice and green after 7 days you are doing well and you can start to back off a little with the watering.

Watering Lawn

Read more about the preparation and care of your lawn.

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