Garden Planning For Your Lawn

A great idea when you are thinking of purchasing a new lawn for the first time is to make up a garden plan on a piece of graph paper.It does not have to look professional as long as it is to scale and it makes sense to you.

Some things to consider when planning your garden is:

  • How much sun versus shade do you have in your garden?
  • What type of soil do you have?
  • Do you have pets or kids that will be using this space on a regular basis?
  • How is your backyard used by you and your family?
  • What are council requirements in your area for hard and soft surfaces?( Council requirements generally give more credits for lawns, as they absorb water which in turn puts less pressure on the storm water systems)
  • Mowing ,general maintenance and available water can influence your turf choice as some varieties are more demanding than others.

Once your plan is completed it makes it a lot easier to work out how much turf,plants materials etc that you will need if drawn to scale.You can even add some colour to the plan to help you clarify the different ares in your garden and this will also make it easier to read.

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