What is the size that the turf rolls come in?

The turf rolls are 1.7 metres in length and 59 cm wide. Each roll equals 1 m2.

Is there a minimum that I have to order?

No, you can order as many as you need. Delivery fees do apply depending on what suburb you live in. You can also pick up small quantities from our farm with a box trailer or Ute to save the delivery fee. If you want to pick up could you please give us ½ days notice.

What time of year can I lay my lawn?

You an lay your lawn anytime of the year. If you lay turf in the warmer weather you will need to water it a bit more that the winter months but it will also take its roots down quicker.

How much water should I give my new lawn?

Newly laid lawn should be watered about 3 times a week thoroughly. You should not let newly laid lawn to dry out. The best way to water your lawn is with a sprinkler as you give it a more even watering this way. Make sure you lift the corner of a roll in the section that you are watering to see that the water has soaked right down to the soil, this way you know that you have watered it enough in that section. Once you have mowed your lawn and it is established you can ease of the watering to maybe once a week in the warmer months.

When can I walk on my new lawn?

You should avoid walking on your lawn for at least the first two weeks in summer and maybe longing in the cooler months. You can walk on your lawn once it has taken root and you cannot pull it off the ground. This also a good time to give it a light trim with the mower.

How do I minimise weeds in my lawn?

To keep your lawn free from weeds we recommend you fertilize your lawn at least 3 to 4 times a year. This will keep it thick and healthy. If weeds have gotton out of hand you can spray you lawn with a weed killer. You will need to go to your local nursery or hardware for advise on what to spray with as it depends what type of turf you are spraying and for what kind of weeds you have.

TIP: If you only have weed here and there it is best to go out on a beautiful day after you slip, slop and slap and pluck out by hand and avoid spraying.

With what should I fertilize my lawn and when?

You should fertilize your lawn twice in spring with Shirley’s No 17 or similar product. You should also fertilize twice in Autumn with Scott’s lawn builder and you can even fertilize in late April with a turf lifter product.

TIP: By fertilizing in autumn it will ensure a healthier looking lawn through winter.

Why have I got seed heads through my lawn?

This is sometimes a characteristic of some types of soft leaf buffalos at certain times of the year. To get rid of these seed heads just simply mow off. It also can sometimes mean that your lawn is “hungry” and you may need to “feed “it with some good lawn fertilizer.

What about army worms?

Army worms normally can be present in lawns during late summer and autumn. Army worms normally leave big brown patches through you lawn and if not sprayed they can kill your lawn in the matter of a few days. To check for army worm you can put your fingers down in the roots through the soil and see if you notice any green droppings. You also notice a butterfly sometimes all over your lawn in the late evenings. If you do have army worm present you should spray your lawn with an army worm insecticide that you can purchase from your local hardware. Follow the directions on the packet.

TIP: You should keep children and pets off lawn for 2 days after you have sprayed your lawn.