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Garden Planning For Your Lawn

A great idea when you are thinking of purchasing a new lawn for the first time is to make up a garden plan on a piece of graph paper.It does not have to look professional as long as it is to scale and it makes sense to you. Some things to consider when planning your […]

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Choosing The Right Mower

Choosing the right mower is an important decision seeing that the average home owner spends about 35 hours per season mowing there yards. It may well be, that the mower you are using now may not necessarily be the right one for the job. Lawn mowers come in two types-rotary & Reel. Reel Mowers Reel […]

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Best Soil Preparation for Soft Leaf DNA Certified Sir Walter Buffalo

For best results when you lay your soft leaf DNA Certified Sir Walter buffalo you must insure that you have a good base to start with. Some of the most common problems are too much clay or too much sand in the area. When you have a lot of clay or sand in the area […]

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