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Onion Weed

Onion weed is one of the worst type of weeds that can take hold in your lawn or gardenOnion weed can be eradicated with patience and a bit of delicate workKeeping onion weed under control by preventing flowering is a must to prevent it spreading Onion weed is a menace in lawns and garden beds […]

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7 DIY Weed Killers

If your preference is to avoid the use of herbicides on your lawn, then there are some organic DIY weed treatments which are claimed to work against particular weeds. Some work well, some take perseverance, some may not actually work at all and are nothing but an old wives’ tale. Here’s a few we’ve come […]

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Catch, rake or leave it?

To catch or not to catch? Grass clippings that is. Should you catch, rake or leave your grass clippings when mowing your lawn? There is no definitive yes or no answer to this, as a combination of both is required for most lawns. It is ok to leave your clippings on the lawn every now […]

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How To Top Dress Your Lawn

When is top dressing a lawn necessary? In most cases top dressing is done to correct poor preparation and lack of soil underneath or to fill in low spots and correct uneven areas in the lawn. If your lawn is well fertilised, healthy and even, then you don’t need to worry about top dressing. How […]

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Show Your Lawn Some Love!… By Loving Your Lawn Mower!

We love how our lawn looks after a mow, but most of us rarely do much to keep our lawn mower in good condition. Sometimes after a few months of neglect, we hope that when we pull on the cord it will kick over and it hasn’t succumbed to the neglect, myself included! So, here’s […]

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Should I core my lawn?

What is core aeration? Should I core my lawn?  Unlike regular aeration, where solid tines simply punch holes in the ground, core aeration removes a plug of soil from your lawn at the same time. Plug or core aerators do this by using hollow tines that puncture the surface and then pull the plugs from […]

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Which Mower is best??

Are reel mowers the ‘reel’ deal? We look at Rotary vs Reel mowers Most of us use a standard rotary lawn mower. One with spinning blades rotating on a vertical axis under a cutting deck, that can be adjusted up or down depending on the height we need to cut our lawn. Rotary mowers Rotary […]

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Time To Fertlise

Time to fertilise?  

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army worm

Lawn not looking so great? You might have an invasion of army worm present!

This is picture that I have taken this morning of how army worm can destroy a lawn quickly. If you put your fingers down into the root system it will not take you long to find the army worm that has done the damage.This what the army worm looks like:   Army worms or sod […]

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wicker chair on the background of fresh grass

How to prepare your lawn for while you are away

Don’t mow the lawn! While it might seem like a good idea to trim the lawn before you leave town, so you don’t come back to an overgrown mess, it’s best to let it grow tall and strong and take care of the extra growth upon your return. That’s because grass that is longer can […]

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