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How to prepare for a spring lawn renovation

It’s easy to get excited about doing a lawn renovation and all the things you might want to do to have your lawn the envy of the street. The best advice we can give you is to not go too early with any vigorous lawn maintenance activities like dethatching or top dressing. Your lawn needs […]

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Lawn no longer fit for purpose?

What is the right lawn? Perhaps your garden has taken off and your trees and shrubs have shot up in the past five years and you’ve now got too much shade. Or your kids have become more active and are placing greater wear on your lawn. What is the right lawn? Whatever the reason, what […]

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Do I need to use a wetting agent on my lawn?

Wetting agents are like a detergent or surfactant that attract water to the soils surface, helping it to soak in. Hydrophobic soils repel water which can lead to serious problems in the garden and lawn. For existing lawns that are hydrophobic, a wetting agent is needed. What is hydrophobic soil? Hydrophobic soils repel water and […]

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Turf Comparison [Infographics]

If you still have doubts which turf is right for you: DNA Certified Sir Walter Buffalo, Nullarbour Couch or Kikuyu turf have a look at this infographics:

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anne 1

Recent Photos of recently laid turf.

When it comes to choosing turf the most important question is “Will the area have full sun or not?”.If the answer is no ,then you should only be considering DNA Certified Sir Walter Premium Buffalo.It is the best shade tolerant lawn suited to the harsh Australian climate.There are many other cheaper shade tolerant buffalo turf […]

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Which turf to choose: DNA Certified Sir Walter Buffalo, Nullarbor Couch or Eureka Kikuyu?

Here at Active Turf we supply a great range of turf varieties to suit all needs, but which one is right for you? We have taken the guess work out of picking your new turf by compiling this easy to read comparison. Read on to help decide which turf variety is best for you. DNA […]

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Why would you choose Active Turf???

When it comes to purchasing products for your home there is always lots of choice.It’s the same when it comes to turf companies…. Most of the time the first question I get asked is “What is the Price”??? We know most people are on a tight budget and usually turf is the last addition to […]

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DNA Certified Sir Walter now in stock!

  Active Turf now have DNA Certified Sir Walter Buffalo Turf in stock and have started harvesting.Check out the photos below to see what a paddock looks like once it has been harvested. DNA Certified Sir Walter Soft Leaf Buffalo is a go anywhere and grow anywhere turf that has outperformed other buffalo’s for the […]

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Natures Air Conditioner

Well this has to be the hottest spring that I have seen for a while!!! Did you know that on a hot summer day, lawns will be 30 degrees cooler than asphalt and 14 degrees cooler than bare soil.Another cool fact is that the front lawns of eight houses have the cooling effect of about […]

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Pets and Lawn

Man’s Best Friend…. What better way to bond with your four legged companion than to run around outside on your lawn.But to do this you really need a hard wearing, shade tolerant grass that can handle some wear and tear especially if you have a larger dog.Cats also love to be chased around on or […]

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