Best Soil Preparation for Soft Leaf DNA Certified Sir Walter Buffalo

For best results when you lay your soft leaf DNA Certified Sir Walter buffalo you must insure that you have a good base to start with.

Some of the most common problems are too much clay or too much sand in the area. When you have a lot of clay or sand in the area we recommend you put down a good turf underlay or topsoil. You should put a minimum of at least 50ml but remember that the more soil you put the better outcome.

If you think that your soil is good to go and you do not think you need any new turf underlay or topsoil you can always purchase a soil tester kit for around $20 and test the soil before you start. Your Ph level should be sitting between 6 and 7.

If your soil is not good enough you can purchase a pre-mixed turf underlay from your local landscape supplies.

If you live in the eastern suburbs of Sydney we recommend Skippens Landscape Supplies at Matraville 9316 4044 or if you live in the Western Suburbs we recommend either Blacktown Nursery & Landscape Supplies 9627 5445 or Turtle Landscapes 9629 2299.

Lawn Aeration

Sometimes lawns need to be aerated in very dry conditions so that water and fertilizer can absorb into your soil. In backyards that are the opposite and very moist also need aeration to enable the turf to have some air flow. This will help the lawn to dry out and thus helps new growth in the root system.

You can use a garden fork for the smaller yards. What you need to do is stab the fork into the ground that needs the aeration. You will need to really disturb the soil underneath the lawn. You will need to repeat this process in consecutive rows about 10cm apart. This will leave the area in a bit of a mess so we suggest you aerate in the warmer months when the turf is actively growing, so it can repair itself easily after a few weeks of mowing.

For the larger areas you can hire a larger type of lawn aerator that you fill with water and roll along the ground which would cost you about $47 a day or if you are feeling a little lazy, you can hire a petrol powered aerator for around $139 a day. Both of these types of aerators’ are available from your local Kennard’s Hire.

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