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Bee safe – safeguard for your lawn

The threat to your lawn from the heat of summer is coming to an end, but the threat to your lawn in the form of root and leaf eating grubs, caterpillars and insects remains; some of these nasty critters can keep attacking right through the months of autumn. Now is the time to safeguard against […]

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Thinking of replacing your lawn? Follow these 4 expert tips for best results

Compaction, increased shade and wear are the biggest reasons to renew your lawnLawn replacement is a cheaper option than other surfaces in most casesChoose the right type of lawn to get the best return on your investment Many home lawns get to the stage where even the best maintenance and upkeep sees their lawn areas […]

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Does your lawn have dry spots?

Hot and dry weather can really take a toll on even the healthiest lawns and cause them to become thin and patchy. This usually happens over the summer months, as the weather is hot and dry and lawn owners are generally on holidays or too busy to keep up their regular lawn maintenance schedule. It […]

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Tips to help beat the heat

Drought conditions are impacting a lot of areas at the moment and being environmentally responsible with water use is more important than ever. Fortunately, it is only in the most severe of conditions, over a considerable amount of time, that your lawn could suffer to the point where it would completely die off due to […]

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How to cut grass properly

A well cared for, freshly mown lawn not only looks awesome, it’s also great to walk on and play on. Anyone can achieve it. The right length of grass is critical to its health and weed minimisation. Check out the guide below to determine the height of lawn that works best for you and is […]

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Catch, rake or leave it?

To catch or not to catch? Grass clippings that is. Should you catch, rake or leave your grass clippings when mowing your lawn? There is no definitive yes or no answer to this, as a combination of both is required for most lawns. It is ok to leave your clippings on the lawn every now […]

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African Black Beetle

African Black Beetle Scientific name: Heteronychus arator Black beetles can be a common sight in and around your lawn. They are a natural part of the ecosystem and play an important role. We sometimes hear from people who have noticed them in their lawn and are concerned that they may be damaging their grass. Here’s […]

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Halloween in Australia

It’s that spooky time of year again! Despite it not being part of our traditional culture, Halloween in Australia is growing in popularity. It’s little wonder; who doesn’t enjoy the opportunity to put up some decorations, have fun with dress ups and gorge on lollies? Halloween can be as much fun for adults as it […]

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How to add value to your home

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to increase your home’s appeal. Simply investing a little time in a clean and tidy can do wonders for your home’s street appeal and value. Of course, sometimes a small outlay can make further substantial improvements. Let’s focus on the front of your house, which is where […]

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Which veggies will you nurture this spring?

Butter on barbecued corn … from the veggie patch in your lawn. Mmmmm. What? You don’t have a veggie garden? Well, get out your string line! Prepare your patch Decide on the size of your veggie plot and fix a string line at both ends in your lawn with nails and wooden pegs. If your […]

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