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Galahs! Kikuyu Starches

Why do they do it and how do you stop them? How do I stop the galahs and other birds ripping up my lawn? We get this question often and usually from those with kikuyu lawns. Let’s start by looking at why it’s occurring in the first place. Kikuyu starch Kikuyu lawns are the main […]

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The War on Weeds

The most noxious lawn weeds (nutgrass + others) As the name suggests, noxious lawn weeds grow aggressively and can spread rapidly with few control options. These weeds can appear in even the most well-maintained lawns and can take over quickly. To help you, we have put together a list of the most common noxious weeds […]

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African Black Beetle/Lawn Grub

African Black Beetle Scientific name: Heteronychus arator Black beetles can be a common sight in and around your lawn. They are a natural part of the ecosystem and play an important role. We sometimes hear from people who have noticed them in their lawn and are concerned that they may be damaging their grass. Here’s […]

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How to repair a thin and patchy lawn

If you have a patchy lawn, there are a few things you can do to make the path to recovery a lot easier and quicker. Most warm season lawns will spread laterally, thickening up and recovering with some care and attention – These include couch, buffalo, zoysia and kikuyu. Here’s where to start… Rake out […]

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What should I top dress my lawn with?

When looking to top dress your lawn you first have to ask yourself what it is you are trying to achieve. In most cases top dressing is undertaken to correct poor soil preparation, improve deteriorated soil quality or permeability, or to fill in low spots and correct uneven areas in the lawn. If your lawn […]

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How to prepare for a spring lawn renovation

It’s easy to get excited about doing a lawn renovation and all the things you might want to do to have your lawn the envy of the street. The best advice we can give you is to not go too early with any vigorous lawn maintenance activities like dethatching or top dressing. Your lawn needs […]

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You can lay turf in Winter..

Whilst the warmer months in spring, summer and early autumn are the ideal time of year to lay a new lawn, winter is still a good time in most situations – and there are even a few benefits in establishing a lawn in the cooler time of the year. There is a common misconception that […]

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Onion Weed

Onion weed is one of the worst type of weeds that can take hold in your lawn or gardenOnion weed can be eradicated with patience and a bit of delicate workKeeping onion weed under control by preventing flowering is a must to prevent it spreading Onion weed is a menace in lawns and garden beds […]

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7 DIY Weed Killers

If your preference is to avoid the use of herbicides on your lawn, then there are some organic DIY weed treatments which are claimed to work against particular weeds. Some work well, some take perseverance, some may not actually work at all and are nothing but an old wives’ tale. Here’s a few we’ve come […]

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Revive your lawn before winter

A few key things attended to now can improve your lawn’s appearance through winterDon’t attempt too many drastic actions – scarifying or topdressing at this time of the year.A last fertilise for the season and even a pigment treatment like ColourGuard can work wonders Winter Dormancy During cooler seasons, lawns will generally be at their […]

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