Lawn Solutions Australia

Lawn Solutions Australia

Active Turf has been a proud member of Lawn Solutions Australia since its inception in 2014.

What is Lawn Solutions Australia?

At the forefront of research and development, Lawn Solutions Australia is constantly working towards creating the best turf for the future, while ensuring they supply the best turf currently available. Lawn Solutions Australia has exclusive arrangements with many of the world’s leading turf breeders and research facilities.

In order to become accredited by Lawn Solutions Australia, Active Turf has had to go through rigorous training to meet nationally endorsed standards to ensure every single one of our customers has complete piece of mind in their purchase.

This means that not only is our product of the highest quality, but we also offer fantastic advice and customer service to ensure you go home with the right turf for your backyard, first time, every time.

All purchases from Active Turf are backed by Lawn Solutions Australia’s 10 year Customer Product Warranty to ensure the longevity of your purchase… yes, even in our harsh Australian summers! We’re here to help you create the best maintenance plan for your lawn, working in tandem with local council laws to ensure your lawn is lush 365 days a year.

At Active Turf, we offer the very best turf in Australia. We pride ourselves on the fact that all of our turf belongs to one of the following Lawn Solutions Australia-accredited varieties.

A go-anywhere, grow-anywhere variety of lawn, DNA Certified Sir Walter Premium Buffalo is ideal for the varied, often extreme Australian climate because it was bred for the Australian climate. Whether you live in frost-bitten Tasmanian winters or suffer from the endless droughts of northern WA, this lawn is the toughest of the tough and we think you’ll be thrilled with the results.

While Nullabor Couch is better suited to warm, sunny climates, it can be grown successfully in frost-prone regions with a little smart planning. This lawn is ideal for families or those who regularly spend time in their backyard, as it recovers quickly from children’s games, pets and regular foot traffic.

Perfect for families living on a budget, Eureka Kikuyu is a great economical lawn that requires little maintenance in the way of watering, although is unsuitable for small areas due to its tendency to become a little bit invasive without intervention.

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